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Contact Information

To start planning your new web site or to just upgrade your current web site, contact us today and we'll get started on it right away!

Email: design@manxcatweb.com

Phone: (877) Manx Cat (877-626-9228)

Fax: (817) 263-9706

General Information

  1. Web sites generally take about 3 weeks to complete depending on size and animation needs.
  2. Several web site hosting packages are available to met your needs at reasonable prices.
  3. We accept cash, check, and major credit cards as payment.
  4. Web site content is to be provided by client, but as fellow cattery owners we're always happy to offer assistance.
  5. Custom graphic design projects maybe contracted out and are based on the contractor's pricing (we don't mark it up).
  6. Updates to your web site can be made daily,weekly, or monthly. (Remember, a good web site is upgraded at least very six months.)

About Manx Cat Web Services

Manx Cat Web Services orginally started as a hobby in the late 80's due to the love of computers and programming by it's founders, the owners of Unisus Manx Cattery. During that time, they designed web sites and build computers for friends and family as well as showing their national winning manx cats. As the growth of the internet caused a need for experienced web developers and site designers, the hobby became a company with emphasis on web site design and hosting. Now with the lower cost of computers and the increase in demand by the individual and small businesses, the company has returned to the building of customized computers and web sites. Manx Cat Web Services has grown from a hobby to a complex company of highly trained and experienced teams, each specializing in their chosen field. The company plans to grow into a major internet service company.

Name: Unisus Dragon's Slayer
Position: Cat In Charge of Manx Cat Web Services-
Slayer is a national winning brown tabby Manx Cat. Slayer is about 12 years old and has been running the company since the death of "DN". Slayer runs the company with a paw on policy. As a side note Slayer is also a member of the board of directors of Unisus Ltd. a company the specializes in feline supplies and toys.
Contact: slayer@manxcatweb.com

Name: Raymond R. Freiberger
Position: Web Design Team Leader -
Actually, Raymond is one of the founders of Manx Cat Web Services. He has designed web pages since the late 80's as a hobby. He has a degree in accounting with a minor in computer science.
Contact: raymond@manxcatweb.com

Name: Lynne M. Freiberger
Position: Computer Design Team Leader -
Lynne is another founder of Manx Cat Web Services. She has been buiding computers since the early 90's. Before taking this position, she assisted in other company operations.
Contact: service@manxcatweb.com

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